Egyptian Uprising

Ac. Krtashivananda

Egipt uprising: Tahrir Square

Egipt uprising: Tahrir Square

A few realities are emerging in recent Egyptian uprising.

President Morsi has been deposed  by the military. The population is divided into two camps. One is Muslim brotherhood who was instrumental in bringing down Mubarak regime in 2011. Muslim brotherhood represents the Islamic hard liners similar to the clerics of Iran. It is clear from the conflict that the military, supported by the economic tycoons and the administrative structure that is remnants of previous regime and also a section of media.

The cleric class is not strong in Egypt. Hence it can be said that the ruling class consists of Capitalist, military nexus is supported by the fundamentalist. Muslim brotherhood will be in a dilemma to decide if they will continue to support Morsi, who lost support of the ruling class or they should join hands with the revolting mass, who are religiously liberal and the women who is struggling since long against patriarchal society and fundamentalism.

Liberalism is unthinkable in any religious society, because in those society an individual is identified with the community. What they want is the political right to chose their representative who will in turn guarantee their minimum requirements recognising their religious identity.

egipt3Ultimately people will realise that not only political freedom, but  social and economic freedom, and also freedom from bondage of the Shariat law that curtails the freedom of women, is their inner spirit that remained suppressed since ages.

But unfortunately common mass has failed to observe that in Islamic society is founded on the idea of domination over wealth, political power and women by the patriarchal society. Fundamentalist wants to consolidate all such powers.

Will Egyptian revolt, inspire people to raise their head with sovereign dignity without fear against not only in political arena, but also against authoritative domination in all spheres of life.


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