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The illusion of Democracy

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Ac. Krtashivananda. – Liberal Journalism, And Climate Deceptions
In an era of permanent war, economic meltdown and climate ‘weirdness”, we need all the champions of truth and justice that we can find. But where are they? What happened to trade unions, the green movement, human rights groups, campaigning newspapers, peace activists, strong-minded academics, progressive voices? Continue reading

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‘Flatten all of Gaza’

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Edited by: Ac: Krtashivananda In The Politics of Genocide, Edward Herman and David Peterson wrote:  ‘The vulgar politicisation of the concept of genocide, and the “emerging international norm” of humanitarian intervention, appear to be products of the fading of the Cold War, which removed the standard pretexts for intervention while leaving intact the institutional and ideological framework for its regular practice during those years.’ We Must Blow Gaza Back To The Middle Ages With the … Continue reading

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