G8 – Genova 2001

The Genova G8 2001 was a massive organised protest against the philosophy and practices of G8 members, by 635 organisations mostly from Italia and Europe, but many from all over the world, to ask for a new socio-economic Global Order.

As Proutist Universal Italia, we participate to the one week event, with 2 lectures by Ac. Krtashivananda:
“Eradication of poverty” and the other “Globalization: PROUT proposal for a Balance economy“.
As part of the event we had 14 interviews, by CNN, BBC, TG3-Italia, local newspapers, TV and Radio.

“The violence erupted as a huge wave, in these days, work against the interest of the movement” Krtashivananda declared to a BBC interviewer.
We published 4 booklets that explained the traits of globalization and the way out to it, and sold around 800 copies.
We also pushed for a common platform between all the movements coming from different background, but the time was not ripe. Infact the division on 3 main streams, was still very evident, for the italian cultural social expression: leftists, center (religious) and the rightists, and it remains as it was. There was not a prevailing common ideas on how to reconstruct the social fabric.

In the end the leftists took the scene but they did non create either a proper synthesis nor a new perspective for the entair society. Still the old idea of the 19th centuries prevailed, which had already failed for the last 2 centuries…

The religious inspired movements had not sufficient strenght and the rightists were very few…
But the movement awaken the social consciousness, the awareness that in the declined empire nothing is given for free, we must fight even for justice, equal rights, and a human society.
Tarcisio Bonotto

Here some poster for the event:





















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