Counter Evolution

by Ac. Krtashivananda

The world at present is at the phase of counter evolution. Counter evolutionary phase is a painful phase in human history:

1956 soviet invasion of Hungary

1956 soviet invasion of Hungary

Example of counter revolution is Soviet invasion of Hungary in 1956, of Checkoslovakia in 1968 and military uprising of the fundamentalist against Bangladesh Govt. In  1975. Uprising of military junta led by C.I.A against peoples govt. in Central and South America.

Example of evolution is Renaissance  of Europe for three centuries starting around 17th century and its effect spread around the world in due course of time. Freedom and security was the article of faith during Renaissance in Europe.  Another one is Bengal Renaissance during 19th and 20th century against social dogma, that spread all over India subsequently.

     Counter evolution is to maintain status quo, opposing against progressive idea that leads to freedom in both socio-economic arena, in social sphere and prefer to hold on to dogmatic belief shunning rational judgement.

     The psychological base of counter evolution is to hold on to stereo typed ideas out of insecurity or ignorance and ‘fear from freedom’ as Eric Fromm claimed. There are two types of people that are closed to progressive idea. First one are those who are adverse to change because of  their ardent belief on dogmatic tradition out of fear; and the other type realise the fallacy of dogmatic ideas, but are too reluctant to counter it, simply because they feel uneasy and in secured to discard the stereo typed traditions and rituals and prefer to maintain the status quo.

The examples are religions, sects, socio economic beliefs etc. Adherence to those  cause psychic stagnancy and becomes the foundation of counter evolution. It invites disaster if any one raises dissenting voice loudly in the stronghold of the leaders of dogmatic faith. Speaking against ruling class for politico economic exploitation, against  holy scriptures, mortal God or their idols and idol worship and  meaningless rituals, are considered a sacrilege. Such people are excommunicated, banished, put behind bar or they await the gate of inferno.

Ram Mohan Roy

Ram Mohan Roy

Ram Mohan Roy was the father of Bengal Renaissance. In 1930’s he initiated Brahma Samaj movement against  burning of widows, child marriage and polygamy by men.  He was excommunicated by Hindu community including his entire family. Only his wife accompanied him declaring, “ I don’t know philosophy, but I trust my husband that he will upheld dharma”. History remembers Ram Mohan and forgot his adversaries.

The tragedy of the society is that Jesus will be crucified; Al Hallaz have to die in cross, Mahaprabhu will be killed secretly; Ram Mohan will get excommunicated, Taslima Nasrin of Bagladesh will be banished from her own country, non believers will be out casted and shunned by the near one’s; in Asian  country honour killing will be endorsed as a custom, for marrying in different faith. Jihadis and fundamentalists will be glorified to demonish and kill non-believers; Hundreds of poorest people will be persecuted or face the bullet for opposing the tyranny of the ruling class; Dr. Binayak Sen(central India)and alike, will be put behind the bar for his sympathy for the poorest class ;and many such untold episodes are hidden in the dark chamber of history. Sane people helplesly watch how man’s lack of faith in himself, lead the society towards social decadence, with passive submission to counter evolution.

As an inevitable course of history, ignoring all persecution, excommunication and even shunned by the near and dear one’s, freedom loving people once again – will raise their head in the open sky with sovereign dignity without fear, declaring, “History will liberate us one day.


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